EP. 23 Jonathan and Sergey have fun with Comedians Matthew Broussard and Derek Sheen

June 30, 2017



My name is Matthew Broussard. I draw these drawings http://mondaypunday.com 

I also do stand up comedy. Check out my set on Conan or my Comedy Central Half Hour.




"Derek Sheen is a goddamn delight. So smart and funny it makes me mad. Tiny Idiot? More like Giant Genius"-Brian Posehn

"Derek Sheen has the uncanny ability to take mundane events and turn them into over-the-top comedy"- PASTE Magazine

"As often as his crowd seems to brace for impact, they spend more time howling at his audacity"-Drew Hunt/Chicago Reader

Derek Sheen is a cuddly mess of insecurities, a gifted storyteller, actor and writer. He's quickly become a favorite among comedy fans all over the globe touring with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Janeane Garofolo and Rory Scovel!

His debut album "Holy Drivel" was recorded by iconic metal producer Matt Bayles (Minus the Bear, Mastodon, Isis) and his NEW ALBUM, "Tiny Idiot", was produced by the Grammy nominated Dan Schlissel. Both are available on Stand Up! Records. His NEW, NEW album, "Disasturbation" hits this Fall!!




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