EP. 82 Tom Goss

August 17, 2018

Tom Goss is in the lounge and he's got a very special treat for you and for us. HE'S PERFORMING LIVE! Yes, one of Jonathan's favorite songs is recorded live for this episode. We'll chat with him before and after about his creative process, body image and as always his incredible genuine connection to music. Plus Jonathan and Sergey fill you in with their lives, especially after Sergey comes back from a week long visit back to his PNW home.

Special thanks to ES Audio Recording Studios in Glendale. This gem of a studio is a place to fall in love with and we sure did. With clients like Ariana Grande, Jessie J, to InkMonstarr and LuLu Beatz, they do it all. Two recording studios and an editing bay all in one place, it's no wonder their clients stick around. For more information visit www.esaudio.com or reach them at studio@esaudio.com

EP. 81 Lizzy Cooperman

August 10, 2018

This week in the Martini Lounge Patio, we have an awesome, quirky and hilarious LA Comedian, Lizzy Cooperman. She's been in the Los Angeles comedy scene for a while and was recently named comedian to watch in 2018. We'll chat abaout everything from lasagne life hacks, to a murderer uber driver. Plus Sergey and Jonathan share their favorite moments in LA.

This episode is recorded and brought to you by The Sportsmens Lodge in Studio City. Located near Universal Hollywood Theme Park, it's a great location for your family vacation. With a pool, cafe, and beautiful outdoor patio, it's like Palm Springs in LA. Visit them at www.sportsmenslodge.com

EP. 80 Pride Recovery LA

August 3, 2018

This week we focus on some very important conversation surrounding chem sex, addiction and some of the big issues facing the LGBTQ community. We bring on Pride Recovery LA's admissions and outreach coordinator Matthew Bianchi as well as program director and family therapist Donna Trujillo. The conversation is certainly a serious subject, but Jonathan and Sergey still bring it to you with charm and energy, while educating. Plus Jonathan's furry friend Roscoe is approaching a special day.

This episode is recorded and brought to you by The Sportsmens Lodge in Studio City. Located near Universal Hollywood Theme Park, it's a great location for your family vacation. With a pool, cafe, and beautiful outdoor patio, it's like Palm Springs in LA. Visit them at www.sportsmenslodge.com

EP. 79 Paolo Andino and Bryan Thompson

July 27, 2018

On this very special podcast episode of The Martini Lounge, we have a very special return guest, Paolo Andino. This time he's not alone. Bringing with him, his significant other, car designer and creative extrordinaire - Bryan Thompson. We'll give you their creative process, an inside into car design and a game to reveal some interesting stories. Plus, Jonathan and Sergey give you a rundown on their very worst car moments. 

EP. 78 Charlie David

July 20, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey take a call in The Martini Lounge to chat with actor, director, producer and creator Charlie David. Promoting his new Shadowlands film, we'll talk about the artistic and technical process of creating film and telling stories. We'll also go over his past in a boy band... Also J & S catch you up to speed with talk of ear infectionsand other zainy tales. This Podcast episode is brought to you by the love and joy of art and creativity. 

EP. 77 Bronco

July 13, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey are joined at a special location at The Sportsmans Longe in Studio City with a very sepcial musical artist known simply as Bronco. This conversation is fun, vivacious and charming as we talk about everything from creative process to word assosiations. Plus Jonathan and Sergey really catch you up on a busy week.

Extra Special thanks to The Sportsmans Lounge in Studio City. We recorded in their awesome patio space, but this hotel has much more to offer. Convinently located by Universal Studios Park and close to Burbank Airport, this is your su,,er destination. Comfortable, homey and has a stunning pool, you'll want to stay here on your next family vacation in the LA area. Find them at http://sportsmenslodge.com/ 

EP. 76 Phillip Keene

July 6, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey are in the lounge with the nicest person ever, Phillip Keene. He's an incredible actor who brings characters to life. We'll chat about his roles as well as his job on PanAm. Also J & S dish about their nostalgia.

EP. 75 Best of The Martini Lounge

June 29, 2018

While Sergey is out on vacation, we still bring you great episodes. Actually, the Best of episodes. You'll hear Karamo Brown from Queer Eye, Jenn Lyon from Claws and our favorite comedian Margaret Cho. Get ready for the Best of laughs yet. 

EP. 74 Carla Jimenez

June 22, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey bring on actor, comedian and friend Carla Jimenez into the studio. We'll chat about show cancelations, the work behind acting and laugh an illegal ammount. 

EP. 73 Glass Battles aka Sean Augustine

June 15, 2018

We're back! In LA! In Studio! With Glass Battles aka Sean Agustine. We'll talk about music, mental health and so much more. Don't miss Jonathan & Sergey as they catch you all up on life in LA. 

EP. 72 Kenyth Mogan

June 8, 2018

Jonathan & Sergey are in the LA studio and they're inviting Kenyth Mogan to break it in! We'll talk about his new music, evolving beyond the box you're put in and of course current events. Plus, we've got bonus stories for you!

EP. 71 Special LA Episode

June 1, 2018

Well Jonathan and Sergey sure did make it down to Los Angeles. Actually for almost a month now. Hear all the fresh details here, there's surely more to come!

EP. 70 Tosin Morinhunfola

May 25, 2018

Join Jonathan and Sergey as they chat with Tosin Morinhunfola about The Chi, his name and how to pronounce both. Join the dynamic hosts and their guests for laughs, inspiration and information. 

EP. 69 Geoffrey Cantor

May 18, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey are joined by Geoffrey Cantor who chats about beings an acting coach, starring in Netflix Superhero moves as well as upcoming Maniac with Emma Stone and Jona Hill.

EP. 68 Katie Flahive

May 11, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey talk to the wonderful Katie Flahive from the Looming Tower, a Hulu series. We'll go pretty serious but with that J & S charm.

EP. 67 Kevin Allison

May 4, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey are joined by Kevin Allison for a quick chat about humor, comedy and podcasting.

EP. 66 Damon L Jacobs

April 27, 2018

Once again everyones favorite Damon L Jacobs is back to talk about open relationships, moving to LA and answer some listener questions. Plus Jonathan and Sergey share their last few days in Spokane with you.

EP. 65 Jonathan Fernandez

April 20, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey have the pleasure of chatting with Jonathan Fernandez, star of "The Chi" and complete acting specialist. We'll chat chicago, theatre and laugh as always. Plus updates on Los Angeles are on their way!

EP. 64 Amir Talai

April 13, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey are joined in the lounge by Amir Talai, hailing from the hit new show, "LA to Vegas". We'll chat about workplace comedies, filming tv as well as some deeper talks on race in hollywood. Plus J & S chatt about thier personal flying fears.

EP. 63 Ben Glieb

April 6, 2018

Ben Glied grabs a drink with Jonathan and Sergey as they chat podcasts, humor and news. It's a fun show with smart humor abound and learning at every corner. PLus J & S chat about their update on Los Angeles and their move down there.

EP. 62 Carla Jimenez

March 30, 2018

The hilarious Carla Jimenez is on the lounge! She talks about her keys to success, favorite shows to binge and cats! It's a time you can't miss in the lounge. Plus Jonathan and Sergey catch you up on what's spooky in their home....

EP. 61 Nicholas Gonzalez

March 23, 2018

Nicholas Gonzalez takes a moment wiht Jonathan and Sergey to chat about his work on "The Good Doctor". We'll talk autism, reading, oxford and more. Plus J & S dish about their move to LA.

EP. 60 Olivia Macklin

March 16, 2018

Olivia Macklin joins Jonathan and Sergey to chat about her role on the new show LA to Vegas. We talk acting, the set and funny bits with co-stars. Plus J & S chat it up about their biggest plane complaints.

EP. 59 Nicole Byer

March 9, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey talk to the wonderful and amazing Nicole Byer! We'll delve into her experience on a Facebook Watch show, plus she's the new host of a cooking reality cometition "Nailed It" on netflix. Plus listen for Jonathans stories on his home cookin'....

EP. 58 Karamo Brown

March 2, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey talk to the Culture expert from the new "Queer Eye" on Netflix. We'll chat about the Fab 5, the journey to activism and how Karamo is a superhero to the LGBT community. Also J&S imagine themselves in the roles of the Fab 5, who does what.....?

EP. 57 Isabella Gomez

February 23, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey chat with the returning guest Isabella Gomez. She's been working hard on the set of Netflix's "One Day At A Time" and she's here to tell us all about her return on Season 2. J & S also delve into race and Los Angeles culture. 

EP. 56 Debra DiGiovanni

February 16, 2018

Join Jonathan and Sergey in their fabulous interview with the award winning comic Debra DiGiovanni. We'll talk comedy, Los Angeles, and Valentines. Plus enjoy some stories from J & S from Los Angeles.

EP. 55 Julee Cerda

February 9, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey chat with the amazing Julee Cerda about her acting wisdom in all sorts of hard hitting shows. She talks about her growing up, her advancement into acting and Sergey messes up her name. Also don't miss a histarical ending....

EP. 54 Matt Rogers

February 2, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey chat with a culture cunsultant and expert Matt Rogers. He's the co-host of Las Culturistas and boy is he going to teach us that culture. 

EP. 53 Eugene Mirman

January 26, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey chat with "Bobs Burgers" star Eugene mirman about his comedy. We'll cover his hit podcast, role on "Bobs Burgers", stand up and so much more! Plus J&S discuss their own comedic style.

EP. 52 Damon L. Jacobs

January 19, 2018

It's the year mark for The Martini Lounge and Jonathan and Sergey decided to brin gon Damon L. Jacobs to celebrate with some great advice on LA, New Years resolutions as well as Open Relationships. Plus Jonathan and Sergey dish on how they feel about New Years Resolutions themselves. 

EP. 51 Rizwan Manji

January 12, 2018

EP. 50 Donna Lynne Champlin

January 5, 2018

Jonathan and Sergey are joined by their top guest in 2017, Donna Lynne Champlin. We'll talk about working with Matt Damon, the film industry and give everyone some wisdom. Also, we start you off with a new years discussion where Jonathan may be a little extra happy...

EP. 49 Anson Mount

December 29, 2017

We are joined by actor and co-host of the podcast "The Well" Anson Mount, to discuss his career and delve deeper into creative inspiration. We go deep and in a shocking turn of events, Anson interviews Jonathan and Sergey for a bit. Also Jonathan and Sergey talk about their movie experiences, and own well for inspiration.

EP. 48 Kit Williamson

December 22, 2017

Jonathan and Sergey are joined by creator and actor Kit Williamson to discuss Eastsiders. We'll chat about gay relationships, tv and sex. Also Jonathan and Sergey chat about their own journey to LA.... soon.....

EP. 47 Ken Kirby

December 15, 2017

Jonathan and Sergey are joined by Ken Kirby, star of the YouTube show "Gay and Wonderous Life of Caleb Gallo". We'll chat on what it's like to star on a YoutTube show. PLus Jonathan and Sergey delve into the debate about YouTube Red.

EP. 46 Stephen Joffe

December 8, 2017

Jonathan and Sergey are joined by Stephen Joffe to chat about his role on the new hit Netflix original Alias Grace. We chat about starting an acting career at an early age and being so handsome. Plus Jonathan and Sergey chat about their childhood books and high expectations from 4th grade teachers. 

EP. 45 Amber Stevens West

December 1, 2017

Amber Stevens West from FOX's new show "Ghosted" is joining us to chat about her role in the hit series. We'll talk about her career, growing up with a radio personality father and more. Also, don't miss Jonathan and Sergey's update on their house ghost "Sam".

EP. 44 Damon L. Jacobs (Spokane Sessions 2)

November 24, 2017

Jonathan and Sergey brought Damon L. Jacobs into town and sat down for a candid conversation. We'll talk about everything from his story and journey into therapy to sex. Oh and join Jonathan and Sergey for an intro with bloody dicks and movies.

EP. 43 Mike Ruiz

November 17, 2017

Jonathan and Sergey chat with famed celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz about his new calender featuring fitness models and puppies. The project sponsors animal rescues and shelters and is on sale now. Also Jonathan and Sergey talk Thanksgiving and write their own hit jingle. 

EP. 42 Elizabeth Alderfer

November 10, 2017

Jonathan and Sergey take on the high life and talk to star of the Netflix Original "Disjointed" Elizabeth Alderfer. Taking a comical approach on the topic of pot, "Disjointed" is co created by Chuck Lorre, and starts Kathy Bates, Elizabeth Alderfer, Tone Bell and more. Before that, J & S chat about their own experiences with pot, and maybe more....

EP. 41 Katie Thomas and Caitlin Barlow from “Teachers”

November 3, 2017

Jonathan and Sergey chat with two of the stars of TV Land's "Teachers" Katie Thomas and Caitlin Barlow. They're two fantastic comedians who are a part of the Katydids improv troupe. These two women join their 4 co-stars for one of the funniest shows you can find today. Jonathan and Sergey are excited to delve in with these ladies. Also on the docket, what have Jonathan and Sergey gotten into, they're alwasy hosting events and wroking on projects, tune in to fine out what's next!

EP. 40 Sarah Levy

October 27, 2017

Jonathan and Sergey are joined by the wonderful Sarah Levy on todays lounge. A star of Schitts Creek and one of the legenday Levy's, she's a guest to listen to. We talk Schitts, family dynamics and Catherine O'Hara's eclectic accent. Plus, Jonathan and Sergey share a spooky story of their own. Tune in if you dare....

Special Release: The Best of the City, Spokane

October 24, 2017

Jonathan and Sergey gave a chance to sit down with Erin Meenach (Mama O) and chat about the upcoming Best of the City party at the Montvale hotel. It's Saturday, October 28th at 6 pm and Jonathan and Sergey are hosting the red carpet. For just $25 you can come and enjoy the Gothic Nights themed event. There's much fun to be had!

EP. 39 Damon L. Jacobs (Spokane Sessions)

October 20, 2017

Damon L. Jacobs, author of "Absolutely Shouldless" and "Rational Relating", and long time friend of Jonathan and Sergey is in Spokane! We decided to grab some coffee with him and chat about his current activism. He's got a lot going on, but we don't want to spoil it for ya. Tune in for this exclusive in person "Spokane Sessions" edition of one of our favorite regulars, Damon L. Jacobs.

EP. 38 Ryan Woodle

October 13, 2017

Ryan has built an impressive resume including more than a dozen national and international commercials, leading roles in original off-broadway productions, guest starring on network television series, starring alongside Cameron Diaz and James Marsden in Richard Kelly’s feature film, The Box.  Recently, Ryan appeared in a three-episode stint in HBO television series Boardwalk Empire.  In his leisure hours, Ryan enjoys spending time in the New York area with his wife, Shannon, and their dog, Huck.


Ryan has played great roles such as in the hit Netflix Original "Daredevil", "Law & Order" and most recently on the Amazon Prime Original "The Tick". He's also been the vocal star to many videogames incluting a few GTA titles. Jonathan & Sergey Have a blast chatting away with Ryan about the highlights and stories that unfold from his career. Join us in the lounge for more on Ryan Woodle.

EP. 37 Ally Walker

October 6, 2017

Ally Walker made her television debut in the NBC daytime soap opera, Santa Barbara (1988), before landing the leading roles on the short-lived dramas True Blue (1989–1990), and Moon Over Miami (1993).

During the 1990s, Walker had roles in films such as Universal Soldier (1992), Singles (1992), When the Bough Breaks(1994), While You Were Sleeping (1995), Kazaam (1996), and Happy, Texas (1999). From 1996 to 1999, she played the leading role as Doctor Samantha Waters on the NBC crime drama series Profiler, for which she received Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television nomination. She returned to television with role in the HBO drama series Tell Me You Love Me (2007), and later played villainous Agent June Stahl in the FX crime drama, Sons of Anarchy, (2008–2010). Walker also had the leading role in the short-lived Lifetime police drama series The Protector in 2011. During Seasons 4 and 5 (2014 and 2015) of Longmire, she played Dr. Donna Monaghana, a therapist treating veterans who is the title character's love interest.

EP. 36 Liz Baxter

September 29, 2017

Jonathan and Sergey talk to Liz Baxter who made history being the first openly lesbian contestant on the iconic game
show LOVE CONNECTION airing on Fox.

The highly anticipated episode, which aired July 27, 2017, marked the first Gay/Lesbian episode of the show in its history of over 1k episodes. Baxter took the hot seat and discussed dates she had with three other women: Alison, April and Kathleen.

Watch the trailer: http://www.fox.com/watch/944355395995/7867980288

Emmy Award winner Andy Cohen hosts the one-hour reboot of the original dating show that features single men and women from all walks of life searching for romance.

It was Cohen who asked Fox if gay/lesbian singles — who had been absent from the original show which aired in the 80s and 90s — could be included in this latest iteration.

EP. 35 Lyndsay Hailey

September 22, 2017

Lyndsay Hailey is a master of comedy who has performed, written, directed and taught improvisational and sketch comedy since 2005. She can currently be seen as the Emcee for Magic Mike Live in Vegas, a show she co-wrote with director Channing Tatum

EP. 34 Logan Lynn

September 15, 2017

Jonathan and Sergey chat with Logan Lynn about the release of his new album and his trip down to Malibu. Much fun was had, laughter happened. Listen, find out.