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Rick Clemons, Kenyth Mogan and Domonic - DJ Pornstar

April 10, 2016

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72dpi_MG_6918Clemons makes ways for people who’ve got it going to get it going more. He draws on their uniqueness to make them remarkable. “Be confident. Be unique. Be you,” he says.

Science says we are 99% the same, “Certainly reason enough for a group hug,” says Rick. “It’s sameness, be damned, though, when it comes to making the most of your uniqueness.”

It’s the 1% of our DNA, our uniqueness, that keeps things interesting and inspires people to be fully self-expressed. It’s the confidence have in our uniqueness that amps up our joy, helping us come through the closet doors of life to be fully alive and self-expressed.

As the Curator of Uniqueness, Rick invites people to revolt against sameness, while playfully and strategically digging into what is begging to be activated and integrated into our lives – our uniqueness. “There are things in our closets we’re afraid to show. It can feel like posting your diary on Facebook,” he says. “That’s why we go at it differently.”

For Rick, “differently” means hosting a safe and stimulating place to build confidence and give your uniqueness a try. Rick’s humor, kick-butt attitude, and sincere devotion to people, keep his followers in a festive spirit of being uniquely you without regrets.

Rick knows the hard work of being true to one’s self, tapping into his confidence, and owning his uniqueness in the world. He came out as a gay man at 38, with a wife and two kids.

As a professional speaker, podcaster (Coming Out Lounge), blogger (Huffington Post), author, and life strategist, Rick challenges and inspires people, regardless of their sexuality, to confidently step out of out of hiding and into their own brilliant uniqueness.



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__________________________________________Kenyth Mogan


Kenyth Mogan was born in a little town in North Eastern Montana and grew up in a typical All-American home with a typical All-American family. However, he proved that he was not a typical anything when he came out of the closet at the age of fifteen and refused to apologize for it. After graduating from the University of Montana, he traded country for concrete and moved to the fast paced world of Hollywood. He joined the ranks of LA’s out and proud music scene with the release of his debut EP “Fall Apart” in October 2013. His second single Unlock Your Heart has garnered world-wide recognition in magazines like “DNA” and “Out” as well as on Huffington Post’s Gay Voices. Now he returns with the debut single from his forthcoming EP “It Was Love”, written about the ups and downs of first love.

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